VARIOUS – Afrika Underground


2002 – Counterpoint Records – UK

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Afrika Underground is the first album from Counterpoint Records to begin to explore the rich heritage of South Africa’s underground jazz scene during 1970’s-80’s. Compiled by label head, Jake Behnan, it¹s a tribute to the brilliant musicians who played a pivotal role in spreading the message of independence. Inspired by the Black Nationalism movement that was spreading across urban America in the 60’s & 70’s, jazz musicians in the townships of South Africa were making music that promoted a Pan-African musical identity which was seen as a threat to the goverment¹s apartheid policy. Against a background of restriction and intimidation some key local musicians, such as Dollar Brand ( Abdullah Ibrahim, who will feature on the second volume in this series ) Julian Bahula and Chris McGregor left the country. However, many others stayed behind to fight the system and inspire freedom through the spirit of the music on independent labels. Six of the tracks in this collection are taken from one such label, ‘As-Shams’ ( Arabic for ‘The Sun’ ).

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