1998 – F Communications – France

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DJ since 1992, producer since 1996 on F-Communications and creator of his own label since 1998, Galliano always lived in Valence in the south of France. With his two first albums ” Espaces Baroques ” and ” Lives Infinis ” released on F-Communications, he turned his search to the links between electronic music, jazz, African culture and different creative concepts. Since then, Galliano has a very personal work attitude, far away from any fashion trends. With references such different as, art, philosophy, and many foreign cultures, Galliano stands on a singular position among the DJ’s producer scene. He makes his music original, with no esthetical references, with a real intellectual curiosity which leads him to gather, in the same releases: the brothers Belmondo with Nahawa Doumbia; the accoustimatician, Louis 2000 with Julien Loureau; and many others musicians encountered during some travels. Studio work and tour experience with his band ” Frederic Galliano Electronic Sextet “, have lead him on many scenes all over the world, during three years. He searching the creation act where the arduous quest and new musical propositions are the driving force of his action.

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