DAVE ANGEL – Tales Of The Unexpected


1995 – Blunted – UK

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The life of Dave Angel takes in drug dealing, pickpocketing and prison. It takes in six years building up his name as an international techno DJ and producer. It takes in his jazz musician father, his sister Monie Love, and it reaches “Tales Of The Unexpected”, his brilliant jazzy techno debut album. Angel is a true musician, not a DJ pretender. He mixes jazziness and disco themes, yet manages to make it all sound unique. This is largely because he doesn’t use many samples, prefering to create his own warm keyboard soundscapes and skittering drum patterns. So it’s a strange but beautiful album. Angel is great when he drifts into deeper, cooler waters ( tracks Arabian Night, Scatman and D.O.B. ). But the geezer clearly loves his hard techno.

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