COMMODORES – Natural High


1978 – Motown – UK

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The Commodores’ sixth studio album, Natural High, is best known for the ballad “Three Times a Lady,” which became a staple of adult contemporary radio and reached number one on both the pop and R&B charts. “Three Times a Lady” was their first number one pop hit, and Lionel Richie was being recognized as a major crossover star. Not everyone liked “Three Times a Lady”, some people found the song to be much too sappy, and R&B purists argued that The Commodores were watering their music down. But even if “Three Times a Lady” isn’t your cup of tea, Natural High still has a lot to offer R&B fans. “X-Rated Movie”, “Such a Woman”, and “I Like What You Do” are exhilarating examples of hardcore funk, and those who appreciate artists like Heatwave and Brothers Johnson will find a lot to admire about “Fire Girl” and “Flying High” ( both of which are sleek examples of the sophisticated funk style ). Meanwhile, “Say Yeah” ( featuring Richie ) is a first-rate R&B slow jam. Whatever your opinion of “Three Times a Lady”, whether you love it or hate it, the fact is that Natural High has more plusses than minuses and was a generally respectable, if imperfect, addition to The Commodores’ catalog.

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