CHINA CRISIS – Flaunt The Imperfection


1985 – Virgin – Italy

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This one has a big name attached to it. That name is Walter Becker. Who? Many of you know that name. He’s one half of the famed duo that fronts Steely Dan, the other half being of course, Donald Fagen. Mr. Becker produced Flaunt The Imperfection. He also ads some synthesizer touches along with percussion. His production also added to a change in the overall sound of China Crisis. Out was a little bit of the edge and in was a little bit more of a synthesized melodic sophistication. Usually, what I just typed in that last sentence would scare me, but in this case, it worked, at least for me it did. Highlights, we could start with “Black Man Ray”, “Strength of Character”, “Highest High”, “You Did Cut Me” and “Wall of Freedom.” The most well-known song in the bunch would probably be “King in a Catholic Style.” You can hear the Steely Dan overtones in this project as well. It doesn’t dominate the sound, far from it, but if you’re a fan of the Dan you’d probably like this as well. Most of the album was written by bassist Gary “Gazza” Johnson and guitarist Eddie Lundon.  Vocalist Gary Daly added a writing credit on “King in a Catholic Style.” The drummer in the band was the late, Kevin Wilkinson. Kevin also played with The Waterboys, Squeeze and Robert Fripp’s The League of Gentleman.

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